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Medina | Wooden Salad Bowl
Medina | Wooden Salad Bowl

Medina | Wooden Salad Bowl


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For better salads, think bigger bowl. Yes, bigger. Faster tossing. With all the surface area, the dressing is going to come together in a snap. Your cherry tomatoes will meet your greens will meet cucumbers and everything will be coated consistently. Less spilling out salads on the countertop. And the other thing is to serve from it. Say slap in that big bowl on the dining table.

Dimension: diameter 25.5 cm, height 10 cm 

Material: Teakwood

Note: All items are handcrafted by Artisans using zero chemicals, making all items are 100% natural with no funky chemicals. Due to its authenticity, all items will not be exactly the same, they'll have their own identity and pattern. All items are also polished with Beeswax (food-grade finishing).

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