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Little Mugger Combo
Little Mugger Combo
Little Mugger Combo

Little Mugger Combo

Colour Zambia Cup with Chaika Green Gift Box

Only 3 left in stock

Elevating our existing gift box into a practical combination.

Chaika Assorted Flavour Gift Pack and Monkey Loot's Zambia Teakwood cup.

Choose between a trendy lime green or playful red Chaika Giftbox.

Dimension: 9 x 6 cm | About:  60 gr per item | Material: Teakwood

Each gift pack comes with 4 Sachets in each of Chaika's 5 Signature flavours (20 Sachets in Total) and one Zambia teakwood cup.

The 5 Chaika Flavours:

Bombay Cutting - Classic Masala Tea
Create a powerful start to your day within moments with this authentic-tasting, quickly prepared  3-in-1 Masala Tea

Dhaba Chai - Teh Halia - Ginger Tea
"Dhaba" equates to our beloved Coffee Shop in SG. 
Each Dhaba Chai sachet makes your favourite classic, "Teh Halia." 

Firangi Chai - Lemongrass Tea
"Firangi" means Foreign.
Firangi Chai is a masala tea with a modern influence - What do we get? A comforting, Lemongrass-flavoured Chai.

Platform Chai - Lemon Tea
A zesty Lemon flavoured Chai; basically our much loved local ice-lemon-tea in SG! It is tangy and refreshing, perfect for your chill-out sessions.
*This product contains NO alcohol.

Kolkata Kadak - Cardamom Tea
A fragrant, Cardamom-flavoured masala tea. Cardamom is a must have, aromatic spice in Masala Teas.