The story

How did it begin?

Growing up, Jess spent most of her time outdoors - nature and animals have always been something she cherished dearly. Influenced by her childhood memories with her late father and beloved grandpa, she always dream of having a home surrounded by nature.
Back in 2018, Jess and her sister sat down on the floor to brainstorm a suitable name and logo for a conscious and sustainable home & living business - combining the idea of a traditionally crafted meet modern lifestyle.  However, her full-time job kept her fully occupied until covid period came in 2020 taking her job away. Processing the bittersweet moment, she took the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone, fighting all the odds and dedicating her time to running Monkey Loot full-time until today.
"Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place"

Why artisanal?

Artisanal work is often under-appreciated - by working alongside Artisans, we are not just supporting the development and cultural continuation legacy in South East Asia. It also empowers them, through their work of art, their heritage, and the know-how that has been passed for generations.
Handicrafts remain a strong activity in the region, allowing people in rural communities to get stable incomes and a good work-life balance by working and taking care of their family while transmitting the know-how artworks.
It stands as a gentle reminder of our humble beginnings amidst the rapid-paced, technology-driven era we currently reside in.