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Fun Fact: 

+ Teak is known for its incredible durability, heat and water resistance. Teak doesn't crack, warp, or turn black when in contact with metals. It is native to the South and Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma

+ Wood is possible 400 million years old

+ The most expensive wood in the world comes from one of the rarest trees, The African Blackwood

The range of wooden items here is handcrafted by the passionate Artisan with food-grade finishing. If you like a touch of nature vibe on your table, wooden is one of the perfect choices. The low probability to crack if dropped by accident too. 

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How to care:
Once in a while, do polish your wooden items with oils (olive oil is recommended) to prolong their life (years and years of it!) It helps to sustain bring out the natural beauty and to protect the surface. Use cloth to work the oil rubbing it back and forth, once oil absorbed, leave it to dry (usually takes around 15-20 mins). 

Happy Looting!

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