Who is behind POASIA?

Who is behind POASIA?


Who are they?

We are Sophie and Henry, both French with Chinese and Cambodian origins. After several years based in Asia (Sophie in Hong Kong and Henry in Singapore), we have decided to move to Cambodia at the end of 2020.

Their Story

It all started when we decided to move to Cambodia, our parent's home country, end of 2020 during the pandemic. We have been on the road and discovered our lands and heritage. We found out how rich the country is in its culture, history, and know-how.
We discovered the charm and beauty of traditional craftsmanship around the country. Many small local businesses and talents are out there (from textile to ceramics, to rattan makers), very little known to the international market.⁠⁠ 

Their Mission

We aim to make you discover crafts and traditions in Asia. Having both worked in the design furniture industry, we love to look for beautiful and unique products and learn about people's stories behind. These findings, we want to share with you!


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